LAST TO LEAVE Trampoline Wins $$$ Challenge!

The last one to leave Ethan Fineshriber’s trampoline wins $1000! Ethan and Karla Hernandez took each other on. Tommy vs Rita! Green Ranger vs Green Ranger! Green Ranger vs Empress Rita in an epic battle! Who will win? Watch until the end to see who won the money and to help decide on their next challenge which could be an epic handcuff challenge.

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Karla Hernandez Channel:

I am Ethan Fineshriber, a 15 year old boy from Draper, Utah. I am an 14X world champion in Martial Arts, I am on the autism spectrum, and I love acting and herping! I am the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, on Ninja Kids TV and am an ambassador for the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). I love to vlog and post fun stuff on my social media. My channel and social media is always family friendly.

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