Spy Ninjas (Jack and Kade) Sneak to take Jazzy’s Secret Toy and Solve a Mystery!

Spy Ninjas (Jack and Kade) Sneak to take Jazzy’s Secret Toy and Solve a Mystery! Mattel paid me to make this video. Which doll will you reveal? A Barbie doll like you’ve never seen before! Barbie Color Reveal delivers an unboxing experience with 7 surprises!  For additional information see  Jazzy gets a surprise gift from Mom and the boys are suspicious!  They want know what it is and why she has it so they decide to be ninjas and spy to find out.  The ninja boys sneak and use their spy glass to get a glimpse of the strangest toy they’ve ever seen.  The boys want answers and to get clues to reveal this pink doll!  Kade determines that the girls must have figured out how to use a time machine and go forward to Christmas to get toys from the future!  The ninjas determine to sneak in and take the doll to determine what and who she is.  The boys sneak in and grab the doll when Jazzy isn’t looking.  They come face to face with a blank pink doll in a tube and they don’t know what to do.  They determine to pour water on the doll and discover that the outer pink layer disappears to reveal someone underneath.  This was the last thing they’d ever considered and are very surprised by this crazy doll!  Jazzy walks in and laughs at the boys’ funny theories and decides to tell them all about Barbie Color Reveal and how it works!  “Just pour warm water in to reveal the mystery of which doll you get,” says Jazzy.  The boys are amazed and surprised as the pink disappears to reveal the barbie doll.  All are amazed by the process and everyone enjoys watching and playing with Barbie Color Reveal and her mystery accessories. Thanks to Trinity and Beyond for this fun collaboration!

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